Projects and Executives:
1- Carrying four turbine units from Bandar Abbas to Jam Refinery
2. Deliveries of 63 to 110 tons by 13 boogie units from Bandar Abbas to Marvdasht Petrochemical Company
3. Carrying cargoes by 10 boogie machines from Bandar Abbas to Shazand Arak Refinery related to Saze Company
4. Carrying two 200 ton transshipment units from Bandar Abbas to Andisheh Power Station and transporting 70 ton transponders from Bandar Abbas to Zahedan and carrying 9 turbine generator sets each weighing 70 tonnes to 110 tonnes from Bandar Abbas to Islamabad West belonging to Maham East Group.
5. Carrier 4 bending machine with weight of 95 tons from Shahroud to Ahvaz and from bull to Ahwaz related to Khatam Al Anbia base.

6. Carrying 8 cargoes weighing 80-140 tons from Bandar Abbas to Shazand Arak Refinery Co.
7. Carrying cargoes of Bushehr Saroj Cement Factory with weight of 70 tones to 140 tones with 114 nails.
8. Yemen’s trans-national carrier weighing 200 tons from Zanjan to Bandar Abbas.
9. Carrying 140 ton transits from Zanjan to Assaluyeh Saze Co.
10. Carrying cargo of Apadana Ceram Tile Factory-Golchin Tile from Bandar Abbas with 20 units.
11. Carrying 90 ton tanks 35 m long from Bandar Abbas to Shazand
12. Carrying two 27 meter tank machines each 100 tons from Karaj to Assaluyeh
13. Carrying 80-to-150-ton heavy-duty ABIC cement 7 units
14. Carrying two 200 ton transducers from Bandar Abbas to Jolfa Maham Shargh Co.
15. Carrying out of Mashhad city train project from Bandar Abbas to Mashhad by 10 bogie machines with 100 breakers

15. Carrying out of Mashhad city train project from Bandar Abbas to Mashhad by 10 bogie machines with 100 breakers
16. Carrying two 200 ton transistors from Khorramshahr to Behbahan for Maham Shargh Co.
17. Carrying out of 19 Turkmenistan Yolutan Gas Refinery Tanks
18 Carrying 250 pieces of Turkmenistan Yulotan gas refinery equipment by 250 breaker machines
19. Carrying a 140 ton cargo tank from Bandar Abbas to Abhar
20. Carrying 45 m long wind turbine blades from Bandar Abbas to Khawaf
21. Bandar Abbas Refinery Tank 18 m long, 12 m high and 18 m wide by 20 bogi axes
22. Carrying of tunnel drilling equipment weighing 120 tons from Bandar Anzali to Qom

24. Carrying 90 to 150 tonnes of Lordegan petrochemical shipments with a height of 7 meters by Boogie
25. Carrying heavy cargoes of the CONG / Uzbekistan gas refinery project (128 smashers and about 27 bogies)
26. Delivery of turbine generator and generator each weighing 100 tons from Dubai to Kish Island.
27. Transmission of 200 ton trans by Boogie at Hormozgan Steel Site
28. Carrying 40 to 60 tonnes freight to Anzali Customs
29. Transport, displacement and unloading of 280 ton transformer by bogie at Bandar Abbas power plant
30. Transporting Rolling Rail Project Equipment from Bandar Abbas to Esfahan Specialized Steel Zoo Customs
31. Carriage of 20m long cargoes by sliding truck from Bandar Abbas to Imam Khomeini Port
32. Carrying 8 Dump Trucks and Graders by Trucker from Bandar Abbas to Hassan Rood Free Zone

33. Carriage of 66 tonnes cargo by BOGI from Bandar Abbas to Port Anzali
34. Carriage of 130 tonne cargo by boogie from Bandar Abbas to Bardsir
35. Carrying and transporting 170 tonne cargo by Boogie in Pars Abad
36. Carrying, moving and unloading 60 ton transformers at the Jackdan Power Plant
37. Carriage of 520 Containers of Equipment for Car Managers from Bandar Abbas to Bam Customs
38. Transportation of industrial equipment by 290 insole trucks from Bandar Abbas to Rafsanjan
39. Transportation of 140 ton crane equipment from Isfahan Port to Isfahan Steel Company by three bogie machines and two crushers.
40. Carriage of a circular drum machine weighing 55 tons from Bandar Abbas origin to the Isfahan Special Steel Coal Customs Office by a bogie device.
41. Carrying a 150 ton press machine from Bandar Abbas to Ardakan Yazd by a bogie machine
42. Carriage of cargoes 13 m long and 10 m wide and 9 m high from Bandar Abbas to Khomein.

43. Carrying 82 Container Machines MAPNA Power Plant Construction and Development from Bandar Abbas to Sirjan.
44. Carrying of power plant equipment of Farab Company from Bandar Abbas to Dehgolan
45. Carrying of Road Construction Equipment of Jian Road Construction Company from Bandar Abbas to Anzali Customs.
46. ​​Cargo Containerized and Non-Containerized Cargo, Yazd Alloy Steel Co.
47. Shipments of Tom Iran Khodro Company from Bandar Abbas to Kars.